At Bloxham C of E Primary School we want our pupils to be high attaining lifelong learners. We encourage ‘breadth’, ‘challenge’, and ‘application’ in learning. This means that learning is not like climbing a ladder and racing to the top it’s more like manoeuvring round a climbing frame.

Assessing Learning

By the end of the year most children will have at least a 2, which is the numerical value for ‘expected’, in each area for each subject. This will give a total of 16 (8 areas x 2). Children with particular learning needs (SEND – Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities) may have a different total to achieve, depending on their individual requirements.


In our 2012 OFSTED report, one of the suggested improvements was that we need to improve on how feedback is given to our pupils on their work. Since 2012 we have written and implemented a rigorous Marking Policy which you can read here. Children are given immediate and clear feedback on their work - from their teacher and their peers.

At Bloxham C of E Primary School we want to instil certain habits and attitudes to enable our pupils to be more confident in their own learning ability. By becoming better learners pupils will concentrate more, learn faster and better, think harder and find learning more enjoyable.