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At Bloxham C of E Primary School we use the synthetics phonics programme Read, Write Inc. Children begin phonics on day one in Foundation Stage and are taught daily in small groups. Alongside the groups, RWInc teachers will refer to the programme throughout the day, for example referring to a speed sound or green or red word at any given time.

Assessments are completed by teachers each term and then passed to the RWInc manager to regroup children. The groups are fluid so that teaching is targeted to their individual needs. To support children throughout their time at Bloxham C of E the speed sounds charts are displayed in each classroom throughout the school for children to access consistently regardless of age and stage.


It is our vision that every child at Bloxham has a love of reading, and language and ideas absorbed from books can be applied to their own writing. Within the classroom, book corners allow pupils to access books of their choice and instil the importance of reading within the learning environment. A levelled set of books are available for pupils to change regularly. These levelled books are from Macmillan, Reading Bug books; Oxford University Press, Project X books and McGraw Hill Kingscourt Reading books The children are able to take two books home, one choice and one levelled.

During Reciprocal Reading within the classroom, pupils in ks1 read related RWInc books related to their reading level. The school library is a secondary resource of books and also provides an inspirational learning space which has explicit links to our English topics within the murals and imagination boxes displayed.