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Our curriculum is designed with reading as a priority. We aim for every child at Bloxham C of E Primary School to:

  • confidently and fluently read with understanding
  • develop their enjoyment of reading and personal preferences with a love of books
  • acquire a wide and varied vocabulary
  • read a wide variety of texts including literary classics and modern novels


    From day one in the Foundation Stage, the teaching of reading begins with phonics. We follow a synthetic phonics programme: Read, Write, Inc. Children are taught phonics daily. In this lesson, they also participate in speaking, listening and spelling activities linked to the sound they are learning.

    If children are not secure in their decoding skills by the end of KS1, they will continue to access the phonics programme in Year 3.  

    When children are able to decode text effectively, we develop their comprehension skills so that they can read age-appropriate texts with fluency and understanding. We focus on developing vocabulary and specific reading skills, such as: clarifying, questioning, predicting, making connections, making inferences, and summarising. Each day, vocabulary is specifically taught, and modelled to the children. In years 3 to 6, this takes place in our Word of the Day session and in whole class reading lessons. 

    Promoting reading for pleasure is at the forefront of implementing our reading curriculum. See our page on We Love Reading for further information.


    At Bloxham Primary School we see the success in reading through the enjoyment and love of reading shared in every classroom. Pupils will be confident in discussing the books they have read and love with both staff, and other pupils.  

    We measure the impact through discussion with staff, children and parents, learning walks, book looks and formative and summative data.

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