Mobile Phone Code of Conduct


Approved by Governors: 
1 February 2021
Due for review: 
February 2024

This document has been written to provide clear guidance on the use of mobile phones in school by staff and governors, parents/carers and pupils. Whilst it makes specific reference to mobile phones, it applies equally to any internet-enabled device that may be brought into school.

Bloxham Primary School recognises that some parents will give their children mobile phones and that those phones might be brought into school by children. However, the potential exists for mobile phones and other internet-enabled devices to be misused in schools. Cameras, text messages and/or social media can be a part of bullying or harassing behaviour directed against pupils and/or staff. Additionally, many smart phones given to children are expensive items that are easily lost or stolen.

For these reasons Bloxham Primary School does not permit the possession or use of mobile phones by children whilst on school grounds.

This code also serves to remind parents and teachers that the minimum age limit for accounts on nearly all social media platforms is 13 or older and consequently no pupil at Bloxham Primary School should have accounts on any of the current platforms. This document will be reviewed yearly and supports the Health & Safety, Anti-bullying, Behaviour, Safeguarding and eSafety policies