Communication with parents

We understand that good communication is crucial for a successful relationship between school and home. We offer many ways of getting in touch with us (the most obvious being our phone number: 01295 720224 and office email address:, and many ways of getting information to you - details of which are set out below.

In June 2015, we conducted a survey with parents and carers in order to find out how effective the various means of communication that we use are. You can see the results of this survey, and the survey itself, here.

How we communicate

Meeting with teachers

Pupil progress meetings are held twice yearly in the Autumn and Spring terms, and there is a Meet the teacher session in September at the start of the academic year. Parents/carers can also:

  • Request a meeting or speak informally with a teacher at collection/drop-off
  • Complete the Meet your teacher form on the website here
  • Contact the school office on 01295 720224 to arrange a meeting.

All our staff are encouraged to contact parents if there is an issue that requires a telephone or face-to-face discussion. There have been some requests for direct contact with teachers via email. We are looking into a way of implementing this via the school website.

Text messaging

The survey showed that text messaging is a popular and effective means of maintaining contact with parents. If you would like to sign up for this service, please contact the school office on 01295 720224 to give us your details. Or complete the form here.

In order to save money so that the school is not charged for text messages, we ask that you download and setup an account using the School Gateway free app. More information is available here.

NB: Please do not reply to text messages as they are not read by anyone!


Similarly, email is a good means of maintaining contact. If you would like to sign up for this service, please contact the school office on 01295 720224 to give us your details. Or complete the form here.

The School newsletter

The school newsletter is a round up of all the recent activites and events that have happened in school. It has information on awards of Certificates for CBGs, the results of sporting events as well as news on staffing changes, dates for your diary and news from FOPBS (Friends of Bloxham Primary - our parent-teacher organisation).

It is sent out by email and/or paper copy for those who prefer, every fortnight on a Thursday. You can find a list of recent newsletters here.

Our Deputy Headteacher

On most mornings Ms Oatridge, our Deputy headteacher, is in the playground to greet parents and children as they arrive. She is not only there to say hello (though she will do that too!) – if you have any concerns or would just like to have a quick chat, then she is always happy to do so, or you can use this as an opportunity to arrange an alternative time if you're in a rush and on your way to work.

School website and class blogs

We try very hard to make sure that every class blogs once a week. These blogs are a great way for teachers to let you know what's been going on in class during the week. They usually go out on a Thursday or Friday and each blog is tweeted as it goes - you can follow us on Twitter @Bloxhamprimary. They appear on the homepage of the website as they are posted or, if you go to your child's class page they are listed there also.

Also, look out for the Headteacher's blog which will give you a flavour of whole school activities for the week, and the Deputy Headteacher's blog which usually concentrates on teaching and learning and is a useful insight into our ideas about how to provide the very best education for your children.

Information afternoons / evenings

We try to organise a few coffee afternoons or evening sessions in the school year to explain to parents either particular aspects of teaching and learning (Ms Oatridge's session this year on explaining 'Life after levels' was very well attended), or more general themes such as homework or e-safety. Information about these sessions is sent out via email or text and we try to give you as much notice as possible.