School opens 2 September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I do hope that you have had an enjoyable and safe summer.

In our last letter that was sent in July we highlighted many of the strategies we would be taking to ensure that the year starts well for all children. You can download the PDF of this letter below - or CLICK HERE.

I do appreciate that some parents will be anxious about their child returning to school next week, so I thought it would be helpful to provide an update before the term begins for all children on Wednesday 2nd September.

Additional Wash Stations
We have purchased some additional wash stations so that the children will be able to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day. They will of course, be supervised whilst they are doing so.

Refurbished toilet areas
The toilet facilities for the children in years 3, 5 and 6 have been refurbished over the summer. This will provide a significant improvement for children in these year groups

Deep Cleaning
All areas of the school have been deep cleaned during the summer and we have also arranged for additional cleaning to take place once the children return next week.

Work outside of the school Building
We have slightly altered the pedestrian one way system around school to take into account that all children are returning to school next week. Please follow the red arrows when taking the children to their classrooms in the morning (and collecting them in the afternoon) and the blue arrows if you need to leave something at the office. The gates to restrict vehicle access to the school have been installed also so that both children and adults can safely walk through the car park.

Returning from Travel Abroad
If you have recently returned from a country from which you currently need to quarantine for 14 days please let us know. Otherwise, we really look forward to welcoming your child back into school on Wednesday 2nd September.

Finally - Currently there is no need for either teachers or children to wear a face covering in school.

Best wishes
Mr Ingall

PS A quick reminder that children should not bring their own pencil case to school.

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