Exam and Assessment results 2015-16

The table below shows the levels of attainment (how well they did) and progress (how far they came since Year 2) of Year 6 children for the academic year 2015/16.

Key Stage 2 results for 2015/16

  Year 6 % of pupils working at expected standard Year 6 average progress/ value added Year 6 % of pupils working at Greater Depth Year 6 average scaled score
Reading 78 1.9 29 105.6
Writing 87 3.1 37 Not yet available
Maths 78 1.8 30 105.4
Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 86 Not available 43 107.1
Reading, writing and Maths combined 68 Not available 13 Not yet available


The results show how well the children did, with levels of attainment being significantly above national figures in reading, writing and Grammar Punctuation and Spelling. In educational terms we use the word significant to mean statistically significant - which means that, after statitistical analysis, we can say that they are very unlikely to have occurred by chance alone.

The figures were also well above national figures for Maths - although not significantly so.

Perhaps even more importantly the table shows that the progress children made from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 was also good. The official wording is “ Progress (sometimes known as value added) was on average better compared to those children with similar prior attainment nationally.”

We are really proud of well the children did in the Key Stage 2 SATs and indeed the results from Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage as well. If you would like any further information please do contact us.

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