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SEN : The three Is


Our SEND Policy, Equality Policy, Accessibility Plan and other information regarding additional support within the school can be found on our school website.  These detail our intentions.  They are summarised here:

  • At Bloxham Primary School, we are very proud of our inclusive environment.  Our children, staff and whole school community value the individuality of our children and we are committed to giving every child the opportunity to achieve their potential.  We are aspirational and aim to be thorough and innovative in our provision for a wide range and level of additional need. 
  • Our whole school culture sets purpose, direction and challenge that inspire members of staff, parents and the broader school community to work together to ensure the sustained progress and well-being of pupils with SEND.  We have high expectations and challenge in place for all pupils regardless of needs.
  • Robust monitoring gives an accurate picture of the pace and quality of progress for all SEND pupils. This includes attendance and exclusion information as well progress linked to outcomes for social and emotional development and preparation for adulthood.
  • The impact of interventions is routinely scrutinised to ensure resources available to the school are deployed effectively.
  • We provide children with social, emotional and mental health support in order to allow them to flourish both inside and outside of school.  In doing this, we hope to raise the aspirations and expectations of all pupils, especially those with SEND.
  • The Inclusion Manager (SENCo), Headteacher and Governing Body are proactive in meeting duties in relation to equality and disability access.


The SEND Information Report and Inclusion Policy set out information about our processes for identifying and providing for children with SEND.  The SEND Information Report is updated annually and available from the website. If needed a paper copy can be obtained from the school office. 

Each child’s needs are considered when planning and teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum is provided for all. This is true for all children at Bloxham Primary School regardless of age, sex, race, religion or belief, attainment or Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).  Teachers at Bloxham Primary School take account of individual’s needs and plan extra provision, where necessary, to support their learning.

School tracking and information sharing with parents and other key agencies enable children with SEND to be identified early.  Processes for identification ensure that reasonable adjustments and differentiation have already been made in daily teaching.

Evidence-based approaches, interventions and resources are in place to support progress and achievement across the four broad areas of need: cognition and learning needs (including dyslexia); communication and interaction needs (including language delays and autism); sensory and physical needs; social and emotional and mental health needs (including ADHD).

Ongoing CPD ensures that all staff have appropriate knowledge and skills to plan and scaffold the curriculum. Specialist training gives teaching and support staff enhanced skills and expertise to deliver more tailored programmes of support for pupils with the greatest needs. 

Pupil Profiles are updated 3 times per year with provision revised in light of pupil progress and impact of this support.


Our impact on SEND is best seen on a visit to Bloxham Primary School – regardless of level and type of need, children with SEND are fully included in every element of school life. We are proud of our provision and the resulting progress, as well as our nurture of children, who have a sense of belonging.   Our impact on SEND is summarised here:

  • Bloxham Primary School is a highly inclusive learning environment with thorough processes and procedures. 
  • Children with SEND can engage with everything on offer, with all needed reasonable adjustments being made.
  • Children’s individual differences are celebrated and provision is designed to meet each child’s varied needs.  Our provision is creative and based on nurture and relationships.
  • Parents / carers are actively involved in all decision-making, including determining whether SEND support is required.  Parents / carers and children are invited to reviews 3 times per year. Their views and contributions are welcomed and valued.
  • We have a strong partnership with outside agencies to inform developments to wider school SEND provision.
  • Our children with SEND make progress from their starting points – academically, personally and socially.