Site Safety and Security Policy


Approved by Governors: 
29 April 2019
Due for review: 
April 2022
Matthew Ingall


Safeguarding pupils and adults in school is of paramount concern. No adult should be able to access the school buildings without having to be signed in at reception and having their identity checked (where appropriate). A site security risk assessment will be completed annually.

 In order to ensure safe site security in school we have adopted the following procedures:

  • All members of staff will wear identification badges at all times
  • All members of staff will sign in when they arrive for work and sign out when they finish
  • All visitors will sign in the visitors book and wear a visitors badge
  • All external doors should be kept locked during the school day. During periods of extreme summer heat the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher will decide if the outside doors can be left open
  • The front door code will be changed on a regular, but not frequent basis