Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) Policy


Approved by Governors: 
26 November 2018
Due for review: 
November 2021


What is SRE?

The term Sex and Relationships Education – SRE – is used in this policy rather than Sex Education. This is to illustrate that our provision gives equal emphasis to the biological aspect as well as clarifying attitudes and values, developing self esteem and learning skills to manage healthy relationships.

The government outlined their commitment to SRE in the Schools White Paper ‘The Importance of Teaching’1 published in November 2010. The Paper states that children need high-quality sex and relationships education so they can make wise and informed choices and the government promises to work with teachers, parents, faith groups and campaign groups to improve SRE.

In our school SRE has three main elements:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Learning and understanding physical development at appropriate stages
  • Understanding human sexuality, sexual health, emotions and relationships

Attitudes and Values

  • Learning the importance of moral values and individual conscience.
  • Learning the value of family life, marriage and stable and loving relationships.
  • Learning the value of respect, love and care.
  • Exploring, considering and understanding moral dilemmas.
  • Developing critical thinking as part of decision making.

Personal and Social Skills

  • Learning to manage emotions and relationships confidently and sensitively.
  • Developing self respect and empathy for others.
  • Learning to make choices without prejudice.
  • Developing the appreciation of the consequences of choices made.
  • Managing conflict.
  • Learning how to recognise and avoid exploitation and abuse.
  • Developing respect, understanding and empathy towards others who may have different backgrounds, sexuality, feelings and views.


In our school we aim through implicit and explicit learning experiences to:

  • Adopt a whole school approach to sex & relationships education by ensuring that sex & relationships education is integrated into the curriculum and not isolated, taken out of context or over-emphasised in any way.