Nurture Support


Approved by Governors: 
28 September 2017
Due for review: 
September 2020
Matthew Ingall, John Jackson

Nurture Support at Bloxham Primary School


General principles

High quality nurture support is a distinguishing feature of our school. Our nurture support has been recognised as being outstanding by outside agencies, OFSTED and SIAMS inspections in 2006, 2011 and more recently in 2017, SEN audits, parents and of course, children.  The purpose of the support is to enable children to access the curriculum, to remove barriers that allow them to learn independently, and to support their emotional wellbeing.  Nurture support is seen as an example of “early help” as identified in “Keeping Children Safe in Education,” September 2016.


All members of staff (whatever their roles) provide nurture support for children at our school. This support is a joint, collective responsibility. For the nurture support to be effective and outstanding it is crucial that all staff recognise this collective responsibility and that there is consistency and continuity in approach.