Hire of School Premises Policy


Approved by Governors: 
14 September 2020
Due for review: 
September 2021

Policy for hire of school premises

General Principles

The school and its resources are here for the education of children and for the benefit of the community. The school wishes to encourage suitable activities, in particular those which contribute to curriculum, sporting and cultural opportunities for pupils and lifelong learning, by making its premises available for hire. However, the use of the school by external organizations must in no way interfere with the work and ethos of the school.


  1. Responsibility for hire agreements rests with the Governing Body.
  2. Day to day decisions including the need for any new risk assessments will be made by the Head teacher.
  3. Administrative support will be provided by the school office.
  4. A deposit will be required for every occasional hire agreement. The requirement for a deposit may be waived for regular hire agreements at the discretion of the Head teacher. The decision to return the deposit will lie with the Head teacher.
  5. Applications to hire school premises are to be made on the appropriate form (Appendix A) available from the school office. Agreements for ongoing regular hire periods should be reviewed in Terms 1, 3 and 5.
  6. Alcohol may not be consumed on school premises unless agreed by the Headteacher prior to hire. The hirer must accept responsibility for compliance with the licensing laws.
  7. Hire to FOBPS, Bloxham Preschool, Bloxham Church and the Rural Children’s Centre for social events may be agreed without charge.
  8. This Hire policy and hire charges will be reviewed through the Finance Sub-Committee.
  9. Hire charges will include costs to the school including necessary cleaning and cost for caretaker’s lock-up.
  10. Hire charges may be different for community groups and charitable organisations compared with profit-making organisations.
  11. No keys or security codes will be given out to hirers.
  12. Hirer will only use areas of the school as specified in the hire agreement.