Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy


Approved by Governors: 
23 November 2020
Due for review: 
November 2022
OCC Model policy


  • To establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.


  • To raise awareness amongst employees, pupils and other site users of health and safety issues and to encourage good practice.
  • To take all reasonable precautions to protect people by reducing risks both on and off site.
  • To take prompt and appropriate action in the event a hazardous situation developing, and of an accident and / or emergency occurring on or off site.


  • The breadth, depth and detail covered by this policy is exemplified in Appendix I, which lists the full range of health & safety policies and procedures issued by Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). This list and the contents of the documents on it will be updated from time to time. Any changes will automatically become part of this policy.


  • This policy makes extensive use of electronic hyperlinks (the blue underlined text) to deliver the most up-to-date information. The full detail of this policy can only be explored using a personal computer (PC) with access to the OCC Intranet.
  • It is not anticipated that the complete set of documentation be made available in printed form. In cases where electronic and printed versions differ, the material obtained from the OCC Intranet must be used.