Educational Visits policy


Approved by Governors: 
15 September 2020
Due for review: 
September 2023
Diana Thompson, Mathew Ingall


Vision statement

Outdoor educations, and off-site activities, have a positive

impact on raising standards. They are a valuable and important

part of the learning process for pupils of all ages.

It is the school’s aim that each child will have the opportunity to go on a residential trip during their primary school career.


All visits must have an identifiable educational benefit for the participants and must be led by a competent Group Leader and accompanying adults.

The management of all visits will be based on the outcome of suitable and sufficient risk assessments. Group leaders will ensure that such risk assessments are carried out as part of the planning process.


It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that the risk to the health and safety of participants is minimised by a process of continuous vigilance and ongoing risk assessment.


The Educational Visits Co-ordinator will: -

Ensure that educational visits meet National, LEA and school guidelines

including those of risk assessment, and the school’s health and

safety policy document.

Use the approval system for category A and B visits while referring Category C visits (including all visits abroad) to the Local Education Authority for approval.

 Implement the procedure for dealing with emergency situations, including having a named school-base contact for each visit and a school based emergency plan.

Ensure those leading an activity are competent in the task with which they are charged

Group leaders are allowed sufficient time to organise visits properly.

Role Of The Group Leader

One teacher, the group leader, should have overall responsibility for the supervision and conduct of the visit and should have regard to the health and safety of the group.

·       Ensure that the visit is planned. An exploratory visit should take place wherever possible,

·       the risk assessment has been completed and appropriate safety measures are in place.