Drug Awareness Education Policy


Approved by Governors: 
26 November 2018
Due for review: 
November 2021
Matthew Ingall

Bloxham C of E Primary School. Drugs Awareness Policy

The philosophy of Bloxham Primary School is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which all pupils are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding about drugs and appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Drugs Education at Bloxham Primary School takes account of pupils’ views, so that it is both appropriate to their age and ability, and relevant to their particular circumstances


Our school plays an important role in tackling drug misuse by providing drug education and pastoral support to all pupils. It is our aim to help all pupils to be able to take their place safely in our society where a wide range of drugs exists. We recognise that some drugs may be considered to have beneficial effects, but also that every drug has potential harm. For this reason, all drugs need appropriate and responsible care and management. In order to be able to make informed choices, staff and pupils need to understand the nature of drugs, their social and legal status, their uses and effects.


Relationship to other policies

The Administration of Medicines policy gives clear guidelines for prescribed medicines in school.

Drugs Education plays an important part in PSHCE, and is part of the policy.

The Health and Safety policy, along with the Child Protection policy, makes reference to drugs where appropriate.

External Guidance

Bloxham Primary School co-operates and seeks support with other agencies such as the Thames Valley Police, Social and Health Care Services, Local Education Authority, Health and other appropriate Drug Agencies to deliver its commitment to drugs education and to manage incidents of drug use and misuse. In all our planning and responses to drug issues we take careful account of LEA and national guidance, in particular Drugs: Guidance for Schools (DFES February 2004).

The role of the Head teacher and Governing Body

The Head teacher takes overall responsibility for the policy and its implementation, for liaison with the Governing Body, LEA and appropriate outside agencies, and is the Drug Education and Incident Management co-ordinator, who along with the PSHCE subject leader, will have general responsibility for handling the daily implementation of this policy. The Head teacher will ensure that all staff dealing with substance issues are adequately trained and supported.

Dissemination of the policy

The policy has been distributed to all staff and governors and is available to parents/carers, pupils and relevant outside agencies. It is included in induction sessions for new staff, pupils, parents and governors. This policy is a regular item in staff, SMT and governor meetings to monitor the progress of drug education.

Formation and Consultation Process

This policy has been prepared following consultation with the healthy schools group, school staff, governors and pupils. The DFES (Drugs: Guidance for Schools (DFES February 2004) has been used during the preparation, together with advice from the LEA School Drug Education Consultant.

Aims and Objectives of the School Drug Policy

·       To increase knowledge and understanding of drugs and their effects by providing accurate information

·       To improve self knowledge, particularly in terms of risk-taking

·       To promote positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles; to challenge and try to modify these when they may lead to behaviour harmful to health

·       To promote a sense of responsibility towards the use of drugs