Behaviour policy


Approved by Governors: 
1 April 2022
Due for review: 
April 2023
Leadership Team

 “A focus on adult behaviour is the only responsible approach. Emotionally mature adults are flexible enough to change, to be present in the toughest moments and to judge slowly. They are patient, encouraging and kind. Through the fog of anger they keep everyone safe. In the calm light of day they build rapport and emotional currency. Their expectations are always high and they will never drop their own standards because of the poor behaviour of a learner. The adults who work with the most difficult behaviours are always in control of themselves before they attempt to take control of others.  Build a school that is full of them and there are no limits to achievement.” (When the Adults Change Everything Changes)

We expect everyone to follow our three school rules to make Bloxham Primary School a happy, safe place to learn and grow.  Be Safe – Be Respectful – Be Kind

Inclusivity is at the heart of all we do; as a school, we deploy all resources effectively to provide every child with an equal opportunity to succeed. This is achieved through the early identification of barriers to learning; identifying why children are not achieving their potential and then putting in compensatory measures to support the child. This includes behaviour.

Our priority as a school is to ensure that all children are offered access to appropriate, age-related curriculum content, considering the needs of the whole child. We believe this is best achieved through high quality teaching underpinned by a clear supportive framework which promotes positive behaviour.

The values underpinning our relationships with the children in our school and with other members of staff are vital to ensure an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.