Admission arrangements


Approved by Governors: 
1 February 2021
Due for review: 
February 2024
Matthew Ingall

Children are admitted into school in accordance with Oxfordshire County Council admissions arrangements which are published on the County Council website here.

Admissions Criteria

Bloxham Primary School welcomes all applications for admission to school up to the standard admission number, which is currently 60 children per year group. When the number of applications exceeds this number, the County Council, who is the admissions authority, will allocate places in accordance with their published admissions arrangements. The current criteria in descending order of priority is as follows:-

  1. Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs that names Bloxham Primary school in part 4 of the statement
  2. Looked after children where it is agreed by officer acting on behalf of the County Council as Corporate Parent and an officer of the LA that Bloxham Primary School is the most appropriate
  3. Disabled children who need to be admitted to an accessible school
  4. Children who live in Bloxham Primary School’s designated area. If there are more applicants than places, priority given in following order
    1. Those with siblings already at Bloxham Primary School
    2. Those living closest to the school by the nearest designated public route
  5. Children living outside the designated area who have sibling already attend Bloxham Primary School
  6. Those children who live closest to school by the nearest designated public route

All F1 children are expected to join the school part of the Partnership Foundation Stage Unit at the beginning of the academic year in which the child is 5.

Full-time attendance at school is a legal requirement as follows:-
Date of birth:-
1st September – 31st December - Term 3 onwards
1st January – 31st March - Term 5 onwards
1st April – 31st August - Term 1 of the following academic year onwards

Parents who wish their child to join Bloxham Primary School in later years

Parents of children transferring from other schools should apply to the school for a place. The school must admit children from within or outside the catchment area up to the published admission number. Places cannot be reserved for a later date for whatever reason, including proposed house move. If the school has 60 children for that particular year, parents will be referred to the County Council and they have the right to lodge an appeal for a place to be granted.