School Vision 2021


Although it seems like a lifetime away, some of you may remember that in 2019 the Governing Body conducted a whole school process of looking at the school's vision for the coming years.

We began this with a survey of parent views on what you valued about the school, what you liked, what you would like to change and how you saw your children's time at school. This was followed by consultation and discussion with staff, children and governors as to what sort a school we wanted to see develop in the coming years.

Then came COVID-19. At the point at which we were due to put the results together and come up with a plan to implement the recommendations the school faced restricted opening, and the ongoing challenge of dealing safely with the pandemic. Along the way the vision process became something less of a priority – although not forgotten.

I am happy to report that we have now completed the work in putting the results of our efforts together - which you can now download here and read for yourselves.

Originally the plan was to implement the recommendations of the report in September 2020. Since then we have also, of course, recruited a new Headteacher and faced a year or so of uncertainty and lockdown. We will therefore, over the next few months, be sharing the vision report with Mrs Horton - our new Headteacher - and the leadership team in school, so that they can take it forward into the new school year and begin to shape the vision - informed by this report, but not necessarily dictated by it.

Along with Mr Ingall, Ruth Evans (the vice-chair of governors) and I will be stepping down at the end of this school year - but I hope that the attached report can form the basis of a new and evolving vision that parents, staff, governors and children alike can be confident in.

John Jackson
Chair of Governors