Annual Governance Report 2017-18


Approved by Governors: 
26 November 2018
John Jackson, with input from Chairs of committees

A significant feature of the year from a strategic point of view was to ensure that the requirements of GDPR were met and implemented in full. Not only was this a significant challenge, but it also had consequences for many school processes – not only those regarding how we collect and store data – but significantly how we ensure that the school treats all people with parental responsibility equally and makes sure that we are not inadvertently excluding parents because of our data collection procedures. The development of the Communications and Data Policy is an important step towards ensuring that the school achieves parity for all those with parental responsibility.

Another important strategic issue was to examine the curriculum policy with a view to reinforcing key messages about the core values of the school and what it is that we want the children in our care to learn and take forward in their continuing education. Towards the end of the year this developed into a larger plan to re-evaluate the core values of the school and to engage in a school-wide consultation from 2019–2020 in order to better understand the wishes and needs of the school community and how the school should position itself.