Festive Treat

In writing this week we have been looking at Christmas adverts.The idea is that we write a balanced argument asking the question 'Are Christmas adverts a festive treat or psychological manipulation? We noticed that adverts have used a lot of techniques to manipulate us with cuteness, sentimental songs, hilarity, cute children, animals or cartoons.  We found that we were on an emotional rollercoaster with some of the adverts as they made us go aww or even get a bit tearful. However are they a festive treat? In some of the adverts, we observed, there weren't many  scenes to do with Christmas. However, you will have to read our balanced arguments to see what we thought about it all.

In maths we have been learning about the area and perimeter of shapes. We have also made some 3D shapes. Some children made a hippo from the net of a square based pryramid, a lion from the net of a cube and an elephant from the net of a cone. We discovered that the number of faces added to the number of vertices minus 2 equals the number of edges . Try it yourself and see.

In art we have been using all our sketching skills to sketch our trainers. They are looking really detailed and we are so proud of our attempts.

Penultimately.  In French we read through a play based on the Nativity. We then divied out the parts and acted it all out. We thoroughly enjoyed using our French to reenact the Nativity and even added in a little song. In French  of course. To finish the lesson we had a rudolph drive, like a beetle drive but based on Rudolph. We had to throw a dice and get a 6 to start and then had to add parts of the body.

Just a quick reminder that we have a comic sale every Friday , apart from when the weather is unfavourable, by the school gate. 15p for a one page comic and 50p for a 3 page comic. We will soon have a 10 page comic that will be £1.50 These comics are hand made by a few year 6 boys based on our own super heroes and villains in memory of Stan Lee, the person who practically invented the Marvel comic company. These boys have also made a web site, here is the website address  https://bpiddington.wixsite.com/bloxham-comics-co