A Productive Term 3

6OH have had a great start to Term 3.

 In SPAG, we have been focusing on different tenses, conjunctions, clauses and pronouns. We have been learning acronyms to remember these for example FANBOYS for co-ordinating conjunctions which stands for For, An, Nor, But, Or, Yet, SO

 In Maths, we have been looking at angles. We know that on a straight line and the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. We know the angles of a quadrilateral and a complete turn add up to 360 degrees.

 In Writing, we are beginning to write our Sci-Fi stories. We have brainstormed lots of interesting ideas to help us and have thought of things that could be real in the future. We got lots of inspiration from Sci-Fi film clips.

 In Computing, we have been concentrating on designing and creating our own TV advert. We looked at adverts on the Ipads that gave us inspirational ideas.

Our new topic is the Maya Civilisation. We took notes about religion and Gods to create factfiles.

 We all recorded our own personal dreams and goals in PSHE and considered steps to take to achieve them.

 We have been learning about what makes the earth sad in French,’ La terre est triste quand…’ for example la pollution de l’air and la deforestation.

In music we are enjoying learning about the rock n’ roll style of music and the lifestyle in the 1950s. Girls wore poodle skirts and boys wore the teddy bear style and greaser hair.

We are lucky that we are all being able to participate in the Indoor Athletics this term.