Writing suspense stories

This time of year always creates such excitement due to the darker evenings and of course Halloween. To link in with this theme we watched two mini cartoon films which create tension, atmosphere and suspense. The idea being that we would eventually write our own suspense stories. It is quite a difficult concept as we all want to rush in and write about strange creatures or spooky characters but the reality is, it is the build up to meeting that creature or character that adds to the suspense. Here are just a selection of lines we have been working on.

In the dark, gloomy forest nothing moved. I shuddered. Wiping the cold sweat from my wrinkled brow I anxiously leaned against the ancient, battered tree.

Inky black sky coated the night as small ripples of water flashed in the silvery moonlight. The lake descended into a pool of distant memories.

Misty fog drifted slowly over the grim lake. The bare trees hung like bony fingers over the reflective lake which gleamed in the moonlight.

Darkness fell across the land. Suddenly, silently, a small silhouette faded in the distance.

A hallway of trees led me to an abandoned, broken and squalid house. It was deathly silent, all I could hear was the wind gently brushing against the tangled trees.

I can't wait to read the finished stories. They definitely wont be bedroom reading judging by the above!