Our Amazing Learning

6JO News Weekly

6JO become worthy junior citizens.   By Layla, Isabel, Hannah and Hart.

 6JO take an exciting trip to JR Citizens where they learn the importance of safety. Including e-safety, stranger danger and lots more. We entered various rooms which were set up to look real e.g. a river, a train track, an old person's house, a dark alleyway and a computer left unattended. We had to work as a group to try and solve a problem. It was so interesting and we learn't so much about keeping ourselves safe.

 We have gathered a few quotes from children in the class…

 “I had a fab time, but at points I found it a bit scary although it was a brilliant learning experience,” claims Emily England.

“I found it quite thrilling!” says Leanna Wratten.

“It was very good and very realistic!” quote by James Piddington.

 Marvellous Maths

During maths we have been working on long division, missing angles and percentages and BODMAS. All the teachers find it a pleasure to teach their classes, mostly…

 Our Super Sci-fi Stories

Adventures through time, space and alien tourists have spread across 6JOs English books. “Shadows dancing behind the alabaster white blinds…”

“NASA, National Aeronautic Space Administration, a group of cozmo scientists with one thing in common… Space!”

Amazing Adverts

In computing this week we have made our own adverts to help people with their new years resolutions by advertising products. Here are some examples…

  • A watch that tells you how much plastic goes into the product you’re about to buy.
  • Caring Container, to help do a good deed a day.
  • Veggie Wardrobe, to help eat more healthy foods.
  • A healthy chocolate bar, tastes good but is also healthy.
  • An app that sets you on a path to health.

 Fantastic French

Bonjour, and welcome to 6JOs plastic free French!! Recently we have been learning about La terre est triste quand {Why the planet is sad L}

  • La circulation
  • La deforestation
  • Les déchets
    Sorry if you do not speak French!! J
    See you next week for more juicy gossip… J