Mind Maps, Slow Writing and More

What a busy week it has been in 6JO. Not only have we learn't year 6 routines but we have been busy buddy training, learning how to draw mind maps and produce slow writing. Also a group of children in our class were lucky enough to make scones in the hub with Mrs Matthews. They were deemed to be the tastiest scones ever! Slow writing is a way to write 6 sentences with love and attention following a set format. The first sentence had to start with an adverbial, the second could only be 3 words long, the third sentence had to contain a simile and so on. It was a really interesting tool to use and the writing we produced was of a high standard. We used our ideas in our Paddington story of which we are really proud.

We drew Mind Maps showing the amazing holiday we had. Mind Maps are a way of showing our thinking using pictures and colour, it really helped when we were categorising nouns. Hopefully soon we will finish our art work where we have been drawing and painting using one point perspective. They look incredible. Thank goodness it's the weekend as we need a rest!