Busy, busy, busy.

6JOs Class Blog

By Layla, Anya and Hannah

News Narratives

In English we are writing an account in the form of a newspaper. We have been working on our super news report  plans including what when where and why. This is Tia’s  headline…. “Alien Invades The Avenue.” “The Child Stewer Strikes Again!!” is Isabel’s headline. We are all very excited to write our newspaper report and share it with our learning partner.

                                              My Maths

In maths we have been working on dividing four digit numbers by two digits.

Example: 1422 ÷ 22 =

At the beginning it seemed a bit tricky but we all persevered and we are now super dividers.

We have also been working on the bubble method for finding percentages.

                                                               Popping Art

In art we have been working on different pop up styles e.g The Mouth, The slide and the wheel and the step. Once we have experimented with all the designs we are going to design a book for Foundation Stage children.