A visitor and a School trip!

This week we were fortunate enough to go on a school trip to Junior Citizen in Oxford. It was an amazing and eye – opening experience, where we experienced a variety of life threatening and saving situations. we learnt how to react, support those in need, protect ourselves and what to do in the situations they placed us in. There were eight different experiences in total: railway, river, fire, recovery position, dangers in our home, online safety, what to do if you need to call the police and what to do if you are approach by someone and do not feel safe. They reminded the children of the importance of always speaking to a grown up and trusting their gut instincts. It was a brilliant experience and definitely one that they will never forget!

In English, we have been planning our Newspaper recounts based on our Science Fiction stories from last week’s writing. In SPaG, we have been looking at tenses and this has been incorporated into our outdoor learning.

We were also had another surprise this week – a Science teacher from the Warrier- Dr Ashton. She came in and taught the children all about the theories of Evolution, inheritance and natural selection. The children were able to partake in a wide range of practical activities as well as asking questions about the topic and secondary school.

Next week we will be continuing with these topics in English and Science.