Term 2 Week 2 already over!

A massive thank you to Ms Paxton who covered both Monday and Wednesday in 6J whilst I was out. She did a brilliant job and I know the children love having her in the class. Thank you Ms P!

A fabulous week in 6J, starting many new topics! In Art this term, we are looking at a variety of ways to sketch and shade. Today we drew objects around the room and used five different types of shading to develop those pictures further. The children produced some brilliant pieces of work and a lot of them went personally to Mr Ingalls office for a Head Teachers sticker! Mr Ingall was so impressed by the quality and ability of 6J that he came at the end of the day for his own look at every child’s piece of work. He was highly impressed and wants to see next weeks!

All of the children today performed in our Black History Week assembly. We have been, for the last two weeks, learning about Rosa Parks and today performed, read and sang song all about the legendary woman. The children were fantastic and staff and children throughout the school could not stop praising 6J for such a wonderful performance. Well done all!

In English, we have been continuing with our suspense writing, today coming to the end. On Monday, we will DIRT these stories and I will get the very tough job of picking five star writers! The ability in the class is amazing and I am so impressed with the tense stories the children have written.

Have a lovely weekend and a mighty well done to all in 6J!