Microorganisms, fungi and The Kraken!

In English this week, we have started our new poetry topic – The Kraken, by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The children have been making inference, started learning the poem off by heart and have made connections and clarifications with certain words. Next week we will be planning and then writing our own version of the text. Out outdoor learning sessions, which are led by Ms Paxton, have also been related to the text. Today then, children created their own Krakens out of natural materials and had to provide character descriptions.

We have started our new science topic – classifying. This week we have worked on vertebrates, invertebrate, microorganisms, fungi and diseases. The children have been enthralled, learning about how each different type of microorganism spreads, the harmful and helpful differences and what each one stands for.

We were lucky enough to have a gymnastic instructor in today, taking us through some very tricky moves. We were taught how to roll, tuck, headstand and crab! Miss Jobbins and Mr Sharpe even had a go and fell flat on their faces!