Christmas songs and crafts already!

Another brilliant week in 6J. We started this morning off with Christmas songs, as we are not here on at the start of December! This week in English, we finally finished our poems, based on Lord Alfred Tennyson’s ‘The Kraken’. The children previously planned, drafted and performed their poems then edited them and performed them today. They have all used brilliant vocabulary, personification and poetic devices to make them some outstanding pieces of reading. It will be very hard this week to decide our star writers!

We have also started our new Science topic – the human body. We started by looking at the organs in the body and labelling the different organs we have. We even created a body ‘soup’, which contains all the ingredients (organs, vessels etc.) of our body!

We have continued practicing for the Christmas Nativity. This week the children have been sent home with the lyrics to the songs they will be singing. Please practice.

And a gentle reminder, if your child has come home without home learning, please let us know on Monday so they have time to complete it before its hand in day on Wednesday. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend.