18 days to go!

In English this week, we have started our new topic of ‘balanced arguments’. The children have been looking at different Christmas adverts of the last few years and have had to think about the good and bad points of them. The children will be writing their own balanced argument for their own advert and then be presenting them to the class. We will then be designing our own advert.  It has been very interesting to hear the emotional thoughts and feelings that the children experience when watching some of these. It is defiantly getting us in the mood for Christmas!

In Science, we have consolidated our understanding of the human body. We created giant human bodies, with flaps and researched the information. In Computing, we have continued with coding, developing our skills each week. In PSHE, we have been discussing stranger danger, safety and bullying.

We are all very excited about Christmas and cannot believe it is only 18 days to go!