Week 7


This week some of 5B have been learning to ride our bikes safely on the road. We practised “snaking” to check we could control our bikes, before we went on the roads. We had to learn lots of procedures: how to go around parked cars and corners (you need to be in the middle of the road, so oncoming cars can see you) How to make U turns if there are no cars coming (look behind!) We have learned about priority where a major road meets a minor road, the major road always has priority to go first. We learned that if you want to make a turn first you have to look behind you to see if any cars are coming, then indicate (stick an arm out) We also learned that it is important to be balanced on a bike!

We learned about road signs: a rectangle means information

                                                     a triangle means a warning

                                                     a circle means order

                                                     blue means it’s OK to do something

                                                     red means it’s not allowed.

Before you start/stop/change direction you must look behind you.

We learned the ABCD of what to check before you get on a bike:

A = air in the tyres

B = brakes

C = chain

D = dangly bits (trousers, shoe laces etc.)

And finally, we learned that there are 2 bike riding positions. SHARING where you ride an arm’s length from the curb so that cars can get past. CONTROL where you ride your bike in the middle of the road so that cars stay behind you.

In the rest of our time we learned about statistics (line graphs) in Maths and we started writing our newspaper reports based on The Promise in English. In Geography we found out about the physical features of mountains and in Computing we had a try at photoshopping a picture. We practised and eventually recorded our Harvest video and in Music we used notes from the blues scale to compose our own music. In Outdoor Learning we created an A – Z of feelings and played the game 21.

PHEW! What a busy week.