Week 5

Here is what we have been learning in week 5:


We have continued to practise addition and subtraction with even larger numbers. We have been particularly investigating compact column subtraction. We chose the level of “trickiness” we wanted to try. On Friday we had a times tables test on the 2X, 5X and 10X tables. Most of us thought it was a fair test!


We wrote our poems based on The Promise. We made our word pictures using expanded noun phrases, simile, metaphor, alliteration and repetition. We used thesauruses to help us choose the most interesting language.


We researched different mountains then made its height out of multilink, rounding the height to the nearest 1000m. We placed the mountain heights onto a map of the world.


We have been leaning about the Puja plate used by Hindus. It is used in a prayer ceremony in the home. The plate contains a candle to drive away bad spirits, a pot to hold water to offer to the god. There is also a bell to tell the god the people are there and kum kum powder, which they use to put a mark on their foreheads, to show their commitment. There is a spoon to offer the food and water to the god and there is a statue of the favourite god (ours is Ganesh) Everything is on a tray or plate, which is used to carry the fruit and all the other things being offered to the god.


We painted pictures of our feelings superheroes, using watercolour paints.


We wrote sentences about shops on the High Street, using directional phrases and making our adjectives agree with our nouns. We also learned how to ask to go to the toilet…”La toilette s’il vous plait”!

Outdoor Learning

We drew love hearts in chalk on the playground and we coloured them in to show different emotions. We chose the colours to reflect the emotions, so some people thought red = anger, but some thought red = love.


We practised the hop, step jump sequence for the triple jump. It’s harder than you might think! Some of us found the hop stage really tricky!


We looked at lots of pictures. Some of them had been photo shopped. Some of the changes were really easy to spot, they were very obvious. We discussed why we thought these changes had been made.

At the end of Friday afternoon, Lily read a poem called Hallowe’en, Tyler and Daniel showed us some interesting old coins (including one with a face of Queen Victoria on it) and Ivy and Verity showed us some of their collections of crystals.