Week 4 in 5B

Swimming tastic!

On Tuesday the 21st November year 5 and 6 went to a swimming gala. It was fantastic and there was an awesome relay at the end. Thanks to all the parents who gave up an hour of their time to cheer on the children. We hope you enjoyed the gala and didn’t get splashed! By Katie 5B


Bloxtivity !

For the past few weeks children have been practicing our school Christmas play. Well done all the people who got a part in the play, such as:

Hollie is Tammy Rose

Liberty is Mary

Emily, Allana, Ava, Ruby, Ellie are market stall dancers (others in 5A)

Lottie is a shepherd (others in 5A)

It will be fun !!!


Cross country!

Well done all the people that represented our class

in cross country. Well done the following:

Emily, George, Kyle, Joe.

People that are going to the football remember football boots and shin pads are essential.



This week we have been writing our Walter Tull biographies. We included all the features of the text and also photos of Walter Tull. We hope they will on the blog soon!


Thank you Sugarloaf table for this blog.

Thought of the Week: Keep calm and make it to Christmas break!