Week 3 Year 5

Here are some of the different things we have been learning this week.


We have continued to practise rounding and have been investigating place value in numbers up to a million.  Most of us feel confident and secure with this although some of us feel that we need more practice.


We have continued to read The Promise and have drawn and painted buildings to make a cityscape in the style of Laura Carlin, the illustrator of the book. We have been using figurative language and have investigated the difference between simile (as solid as a rock) and metaphor (is solid rock). In SPaG we have revised the different types of nouns (common, proper, abstract and collective) we have also practised identifying pronouns.


We read the Story of Ruth with Miss Naidu! We discussed Ruth’s feelings and her selfless loyalty.


With Mrs Ducker and Mrs Atkins we practised hurdling, relay running, standing jumps and throwing the vortex. In PE we played “Skunk Tag” and practised our sprinting, especially how to get a good start in a race.


We used atlases to find major world mountain ranges and plotted them on our own maps. We learned about the purpose of a key on a map and added one to our maps to show different land heights.


We practised our new vocabulary about shops and buildings for La Rue Principale and used them to play battleships.

Outdoor Learning/EMHW (Emotional, Mental Health and Wellbeing)

We carried on getting to know about each other and we played People Bingo!


We are learning about the style of music called The Blues. We have learned that it began through slavery when African people were kidnapped and put on ships in terrible conditions. Children were separated from their parents, husbands from wives. They were sold to work on plantations in the West Indies and North America, growing sugar cane, coffee, rice, cotton and indigo.


This week we started to learn about the proportions of the human face and had our first attempt at sketching a face – it is quite tricky!