Week 1

In English, we have been learning about a book called Flotsam, we have learnt two new words, flotsam and jetsam.  Flotsam means stuff in the ocean by accident, jetsam means stuff in the ocean on purpose.  We have been describing pictures from the book Flotsam as it is a picture book.

In maths we were learning about place value.  TTh, Th, T and ones and sorting the numbers in to the correct columns. 

In art we learnt about Leonardo Di Vinci who was an artist, sculpter, scientist, writer and engineer.  We also sketched shells up close with different sorts of sketching pencils.

In P.E. we are playing netball. We were passing the ball and catching it without stepping. At the end we played a game.

On Thursday afternoon some of the class went to Forest School.  We had a short walk to the Slade Nature Reserve and started to build dens.  Some of us went in the stream.  At the end we had to make a small fire so we could all have a hot chocolate. It was so much fun.