Term 3 week 3

This week in PE we have been perfecting our line-dancing routines, adding in the grapevine and diagonal steps. We are getting slicker but some of us are still finding it tricky to remember the different steps.

We have been converting different measures in Maths this week: kg/g, l/ml, km/m, cm/m. We have also been investigating imperial measures and finding their corresponding metric equivalents. We weighed different items: potatoes, rice, muesli and pasta. It was fun and some of us thought 100g of potatoes would be the largest quantity because they were the heaviest, but of course it was the pasta and muesli because they were the lightest.

In PSHE we have been thinking about our dreams and goals. This week we discussed how we could achieve them. We decided it was too much to expect to get there all at once, we need to do it in stages: steps to success. We are going to make a tree of our dreams in the classroom.

Our Science topic is The Cycle of Life and this week we have investigated the lifecycle of insects that have complete metamorphosis.

egg, larva (caterpillar),pupa (chrysalis), adult

In French we are learning the story La Chasse à l’Ours (We’re Going on a Bear Hunt)  We are learning lots of new words and phrases.

In Computing we have been researching the artist Bridget Riley.

In Music we are learning to play the keyboard. It is tricky as you have to use both hands at the same time and keep your fingers on the correct keys.

Finally, WELCOME to Lexi who joined us thisweek.