Climb Every Mountain in 5B

Last week we continued to learn to draw faces in proportion. We watched a powerpoint about Leonardo Da Vinci (our artist of the term) and marvelled at all the different areas he was a genius in: drawing and painting, sculpting, engineering, science and inventing. We may not be in his league yet, but the signs are encouraging!

We are continuing with Yoga, enjoying the stretching and different moves. It is good exercise and is helping us to develop our concentration.

We spent a considerable amount of time looking for mountains in the atlases. We compared their varying heights above sea level and found the names of several different ranges. We used the atlas keys to help us find land heights and topographical features.

Congratulations to:

Will Donovan - our Eco representative

Toby Clinkard - our Sports Representative

Liberty Gibson and Max Pomroy - our Pupil Parliament representatives

and finally our thought for the week

You learn something every day...IF you pay attention.