Our super Year 5!

So here we are, amazingly in the penultimate week of Year 5. On reflecting on our Year 5 in class, there are so many things that we want to tell you about but to mention them all would be impossible.

One of our highlights is Sports Day from just last week. We enjoyed competing in the different races in our mini teams. We loved our sparkly stickers and ice lollies at the end to cool down. Our preparation for Sports Day ran alongside our Young Leaders training in which we planned and delivered our own games for each other to play.

Throughout our summer term we have loved learning about The Victorians. Making peg dolls was a highlight and we enjoyed learning about railways and key philanthropists. Our other main topic for the year was Mountains. We enjoyed using the atlases to locate different continents and the mountain ranges within them.

In English, we have developed our English skills using different texts. Our whole school text ‘The Promise’ was popular, as was The Crying Sunset and Theseus and the Minotaur. The latter of which was taught during Lockdown learning which many of us reflect on positively. Mrs Akers and Miss Hilson certainly enjoyed watching our music videos and culinary creations from Friday Fun!

Maths has certainly tested our knowledge this year, we have learnt new methods to develop our calculating and have needed to apply our previous learning. Alongside this, we have managed to enjoy additional learning activities such as, ‘Wear It Wild Day’, Science Week and reading our class text, Holes. We have worked hard to earn class rewards. Here, ‘Capture the Flag’ has been a firm favourite.

This has been our fantastic Year 5 and what a year we have had! Bring on Year 6!