Lest We Forget

On Monday we learnt about the historical context behind Remembrance Day and the poppy. We then created our own poppies which are now up in the window – they look lovely. We enjoyed learning about the importance of Remembrance Day.

In PE we have been learning a line dance. We would love to show you some of the moves at home!

In English we have been researching about Neil Armstrong ready for when we write our biography. We found some very interesting facts. This links to our Earth in Space learning, where we have been learning about the solar system – this week we made a pocket solar system which helped us to understand the planets and their distance from the Sun. In Art, we made planets out of tissue paper to make them colourful and include different textures.

In Outdoor Learning we have been using rulers to measure perimeters. We drew 2D shapes using chalk and then had a competition to guess the perimeters of other people’s shape, the pair that got the closest got CBGs!

In Maths we have been using Toblerone to help us to learn about decimal numbers. We played a game called ‘Diabolical Decimals’ where we had to convert decimals to fractions and vice versa. We have learnt lots!