Happy Easter!

This week 5AH have started making their Easter cards. We have practiced five different mechanisms as part of our Design and Technology learning, we then chose our favourite one and used it to make an Easter card – we cannot wait for you to see them!

We have been learning about The Story of Easter in our RE lessons, looking at the different elements such as; Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Ash Wednesday. We have enjoyed reminding ourselves about the deeper meaning of Easter, and the importance of celebrating it.

In English, we have been looking at the features of a diary entry and we have now written our very own diary extract on ‘a Lockdown day’. This has allowed us to apply our understanding and practice our independent writing skills. In PE, we have been continuing our Dance unit, practicing key motor skills. We have been creating a dance sequence in groups; our challenge was to include a balance, a turn, a high move, and a low move – I am sure we would love to show you some of our routine at home.

We are looking forward to a rest this weekend and we are ready for some fun Easter activities next week.

Happy Easter!

Love, 5AH x