Time to move mountains!

Our first full week in Year 5 has seen us really take up the mantle with our learning. We have begun our learning on Mountains and discovered that we have quite a few mountain-walkers amongst our class and families! We had a great time looking at the heights of many mountains above sea-level and linked this to our number and place value learning in Maths. We worked with our learning partner to explore the atlases and identify famous mountains in Africa, Asia and Australasia and also discovered that the UK has quite a few mountains too.

In Literacy, we have begun innovating a paragraph from ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ and revised our prior learning of verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns. We then used this revision to develop our focus paragraph and improve it. It turns out that we are particularly amazing with generating adverbs!

Our ‘Words of the Day’ this week have been: blunder; buoyant; biannually; brainwash and breathtaking. Ask us if we can clarify the meaning of these words to you!

A great week’s learning 5A, well done!