Last week,we watched the choir because a Gosple singer called Selina Evageline came in to help them improve.In Music we've been learning the 12 bar blues and then we got a chance to improvies.Last week we were also learing about the Gunpowder Plot (The Stuarts).

In Maths we were learning about rounding,fractions and decimals.In P.E. last week we played games such as:Hockey and races ETC... In Hockey we got in to groups of six and one person would stay in the middle and the other five would circle around them and the person in the middle would try to get the ball off everybody.In English,we've been learning about Walter Tull.Walter Tull is a hero,soldier and footballer.He was sent to a children's home when he was a child.He played football at the chidlren's home and when he grew up he got invited Tottenham Hotspur.Soon he left because things were turning sour.He then went to another football club but with the start of the war he joined up where he sadly died.