Happy New Year from 5A

This week we have been learning about expanded noun phrases in English. In Maths we have been learning to add big numbers together and doing no work calculations for example 111,263 + 99,999 = ? We have added 1 to 99,999 to make 100,000, then add that to the 111,263 which makes it 211,263,  then take 1 off because it's adding too much. When you take one off, it makes it 211,262. In Jigsaw we have been learning about dreams and goals. In Music we have been learning about Regae music. People from Jamaica used to fight about American Music because there was only one copy of a disc of music from America. In French we have been learning how to write and say sentences such as: I like to play football but I prefer to go swimming [french]

Hope you enjoyed our blog.

by Charlotte and Martha