Making Poo

We have had a smashing first week back and have learned all about how our digestive system uses the food we eat to fuel our bodies. Did you know your small intestine is 6 metres long?!

In English we have had fun acting out the story of Romulus and Remus. The children have been very inventive in their interpretation. Next week we shall be continuing to use this story as a model for our own writing.

Also, please remember that our Synogogue trip is on Monday. Please bring a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat whilst there otherwise it is a long time for our little stomachs to be without any food before lunchtime back at school. Also, remember this may be the first and even the only time your child gets to see the inside of this place of worship. This is a very valuable learning opportunity.

In D&T this week we made thumb pots and our results are fabulous. Next it will be coil pots!

In History, we finally managed to go outside to make our famous 'Testudo' - it was great fun, although I'm not sure whether our formation would have kept the enemy out!


The Eco Team are already doing a stirling job of collecting the fruit waste up every day for correct recycling into the brown bins. They have many, many great ideas for this year so watch this space!

A lot of parents have been asking me about ClassDojo and I am making enquiries for you all.