We're back!

Finally have laptop issues resolved and can catch up on blog! It's been a few weeks since the last blog and we have been very busy.

In Maths, we have measured and converted units of measurement. In Computing, we are learning how to use spreadsheets to record the weather. WE now have our own little weather station!

In English, we are doing lots of SPAG in our new books and hopefully this will transfer into our writing...

Our Roman topic is almost finished now. We had great fun making the shield formations on the playground on a bitterly cold day.

In PE, we had a great lesson from Carl at  Wade Gymnastics. WE are putting together some fabulous group sequences now.

Superstars were Safa and Charlie H this week and Stars of the week were Fearn and Orson for their hard work and determination.

Please bring gloves and hats for outside playtimes, games and learning!