Sounds like fun

We are continuing to learn about Sound in Science and the children have been using this knowledge to help them wirte an explanation text in English. Next week, we shall be transferring this knowledge into writing our own texts about the Roman Army.

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time and to work out time intervals using a well known method - hopping along a numberline to find the difference.

We have had fun trying out some new 'Turtle' maths games so thank you for being so creative with the ideas!

It was lovely to have some of Miss Caple's class on Thursday whilst many went off to football at The Warriner School. We had some lovely outdoor lessons and met up with some old friends from last year.

Superstars, Katie and Orson have been helpful and thoughtful this week and Ravi is Star of the Week for good effort - really trying to imrove his written work.smiley