Paper Mache Madness

We have had fun making the shells of our Viking helmets this week. We had to be resilient (lots didn't turn out as expected!) and resourcesful (some were made entirely of masking tape and paint!) Next week we shall be decorating them using stencils.

In Maths we have been practising decimal numbers - we can all work with decimal numbers to 2 places now!

In English we have worked in groups, pairs and alone to innovate the best text. Our imaginary worlds are exciting places!

Year 4 will continue with our Active 10 minutes every day. This is good for our hearts and brains. We are also learning to challenge ourselves and to know the importance of not comparing ourselves but being proud of our own efforts.

Superstars Lahna and Fred have done a great job this week. Star of the week also goes to Lahna for her great attitude and effort in all areas of school life and work, smiley