Imagination Station

All this week, we have been writing short stories or chapters of stories after first watching a 2 minute film clip. It has been wonderful to see the children writing for pleasure and using their imaginations. We have some fabulous, descritive pieces of work.

In Maths, we have been focusing on multiplication and realising that there is 'more that one way to skin a cat'. Being a good mathematician means being able to consider the mumbers we are dealing with and choosing the best calculation method for the job.

In preparation for Christmas, 4W have begun to design our contribution to the festive decorations: reindeer! Look out for them soon in a corridor near you!

Please remember how important it is to have a full PE kit in school every day as PE days and times can change, especially at this time of year.

Superstars have been brilliant this week - well done Georgia and Matthew. Star of the week was Daisy for taking pride in all of her written work. :)