Elf and Safety

It's been a week of cracking codes in Maths. We have enjoyed doing mixed maths problems to solve mysteries. Despite the mania of Christmas, the class have shown some moments of real kindness. Seeing the children helping eachother with crafts and codes has been heart-warming. 

The online advent calendar that we are looking at is helping us to remember those children around the world who are not as fortunate as us. We have had some interesting class discussions based on this too.

The Home Learning this week is to read our class text, Ivan the Terrible. Please ask your child about the story so far. It's a great book for Year 4 children and one that they can connect with becasue the setting is a school.

Superstars Harrison and Lily have done abrilliant job this week and Alissia was a well deserved Star of the Week for her excellent attitude and approach to all tasks and activiites.