Fabulous 4S!

Well they didn't disappoint! It was so good to see the majority of the children stride in, beaming, chatting and genuinely oozing a 'it's great to be back' attitude. I have missed you!

The hard working ethic of these children has not diminished during their time away and their vibrant personalities have remained and friendships immediatley rekindled. 

Just to get you up to speed with the learning. Our Maths focus is Place Value. This week was rounding to the nearest 10 for all and extending to rounding to the nearest 100 for the majority. '5-9 climb the vine. 0 to 4 slide to the floor' being the little rhyme to support. 

The children have embraced our focus text 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies, already writing short descriptive pieces, a poem and creating pastel artwork of the 'sad city' at the beginnig of the story. If your children are keen to collect acorns, the story will be their inspiration. 

The History topic - 'The Romans' has been met with enthusiasm.  We started with a timeline and key facts about the invasion. The Spread of the Roman Empire will be a focus next week. 

I am very proud of you all. We are going to have a great year 4S!